10319 Porceline Crab in Anilao, Phillipines





10307 Market Squid in Anilao, Phillipines


10302 Squirrelfisn and Snapper School


10305 HardCoral Seascape on Tubnbataha


10240 Kumi on Malayan Wreck


10265 Diver Kumi with Barrel Sponge


10298 Moorish Idol in Palau

10149 Napoleon Wrasse in Palau


10316 Porceline Crab


10311 Cuthona sp. Nudibranch, Phillipines

10179 Wrasse Maoiri Linedcheek with anthias

10142 Cleaner Shrimp sp on Rubber Ducky humor

10129Anemonefish and Kumi Mask Mirror

10143 Arceye Hawkfish pair one good eye

10074 Seascape DuCoMi Pier Post and diver Annabelle

10176 Speckled Moray


9087 Hawksbill Turtle with Turtle Sign


10227 Squirrelfish into blue


9091 Seascape Colorful Pier with Diver


7042 Wreck Malayan Sulu Sea


8214 Fish Frogfish Hairy


9262 Red-spotted Blenny


7006 Wreck Malayan Fish Sweetlip & Diver Flashlight Sulu



7555 Fish Cat School Manado


6964 Seascape Diver Seascape Sulu

9357 Seascape Diver and Crinoid


6937 Fish Soldierfish Squirralfish Seascape Sulu


9296 Yellow Ornate Ghost Pipefish



Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Diving on Tubbataha Reef 4-27-2002


All photos and text copyright Robert Yin

All rights reserved worldwide